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  3. Please, can i send to you my script to fix this problem?? If you agree, i'll write my email in the next comment. I am still waiting your reply Have a nice day
  4. !!! then you don't know what is the problem? PLZ share with me the plugin that you have tested, and all steps to do it correctly .
  5. Tested, yes it works without problems, also on a front page.
  6. No, i add new pages and i test the shortcode [random-post] on them, but it's not working i don't know what is the problem, is this plugin working with you ?? Thanks for reply ,
  7. Powie


    whois.nic.ls is the whois service who can be queried for that TLD. works like designed. Whois server: whois.nic.ls on free string: no entries found
  8. Khombelwayo


    I did on my post, the domain is (.ls) and the whois server is whois.nic.ls/ This is what i use in my whmcs if this will help: "extensions": ".co.ls,.org.ls,.net.ls,.ls,.ac.ls,.sc.ls,.gov.ls", "uri": "socket://whois.nic.ls",
  9. Powie


    Hi, it can support all ccTLDs who offers a standard whois service. You can add all TLDs, also future TLDs. Theres only the need to know the WHOIS Server name and the string he delivers for a free domains. Can you give me an example, so we can test is?
  10. Guest


    I want to purchase the pro version of your whois for wordpress, but i want to know first if it will support my ccTLD (.ls) we use a whois server whois.nic.ls./whois when i do i direct whois search over terminal i use whois -h whois.nic.ls domain.co.ls Please let me know if it will be able to work so i can proceed with the purchase. I will also need your assistance for this. my email is khombelwayo@gmail.com if you need to contact me directly.
  11. I have same issue There are No post appear in the Home page , Even though the plugin was actived !!
  12. Jemand eine Idee. Ich möchte bei Windows 10 den Store nicht mehr auf der Taskleiste haben. Wenn ich über den Rechtsklick den Store entferne ist er weg, nach dem Neustart aber immer wieder da. Wie verhindert man das?
  13. Powie

    Release Info

    2019-01-31 - 0.9.7 - API vis SSL
  14. Powie

    WebApp Changelog

    Version 1.0.1 WebApp jetzt immer mit https
  15. Powie

    pLinks Changelog

    8.1.2019 - Version 1.0.2 There is no need to query the API Code. Validate your site at pagepeeker.com correctly.
  16. pLinks https://wordpress.org/plugins/plinks/ 7.1.2019 - Version 1.0.1 API Key Support - ermöglicht SSL Nutzung.
  17. Powie

    pWhois Pro ChangeLog

    04.01.2019 - 1.0.3 added ##TLD## Wildcard for Output Generation
  18. Powie

    WooCommerce & Powie´s WHOIS?

    ##TLD## can be used now.
  19. Powie

    WooCommerce & Powie´s WHOIS?

    Don't understand what you mean. You will link with ##DOMAIN## to a Woocommerce product. Maybee it needs more the TLD....
  20. BlixNet Webdesign

    WooCommerce & Powie´s WHOIS?

    Hello Powie, thanks for this nice plugin... i need some info/help i´ve got some variable products with subscriptions with WC and would like to give the clients an option to check/order a domain is it possible to intergrate the ##DOMAIN## into WC as product? If so, could you please advise regards
  21. Can you give me the URL to this page if it's activated...... It should be sometinh visible in the source code of the document.
  22. Please anyone can help me to solve this problem "why posts don't appear in the static page" page website appear like this, I test use shortcode [random-post] and [random-post category_name=”name”] but is not work.
  23. Hi! Hope you'r fine. Can you please update the "Random Post Shortcode" plugin WordPress is updated to v 5.0.1 . Thanks. Kind regards. Prinx
  24. Hi Powie, In this case, would there be a way for me to go back to the previous version of your plugin? It worked perfectly fine (displaying tags + categories) before I updated it :D Please let me know.
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