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How to convert DOC to html like PPT to html?

Begonnen von Theodore, 18. Juni 2018, 16:42:42

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I use JODConvert 2.2 + OpenOffice for some office file convert test.When I test convert .ppt file to HTML file. I found it generates html file by each page.For example: a PPT has 20 pages, It generates 20 html files.But, I convert a 100 pages .doc file into .HTML file. It only generates one html file.
I hope it can split into 100 html files. Because I don\'t want user to view a doc on Android/iOS Phone must waiting a long time to load the hole document.So, My question is:
1. Can OpenOffice support doc to html split into each pages?
2. How about each 10 doc pages in 1 html ?
Please help.
I didn\'t find the right solution from the Internet.
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