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Damon H.

Is it possible for you to make your uptime robot plugin for wordpress translation ready. I\'ve already translated the readme file but I cannot translate the visual part of the plugin because it\'s code lacks of translation support.
Thank you!


Hi Damon,
you mean, translation via

Damon H.

Hi Powie,
I\'m Locale Manager & General Translator Editor for Spanish Argentina locale and I\'ve translated 100% of your\'s plugin readme, but I cannot continue because the code of your plugin isn\'t prepared for translation. You can take a look at the screenshot I attached.
I\'m asking you to\" rel=\"external nofollow\">internationalize your plugin for us (WordPress translation team) to translate it in different languages.\" rel=\"external nofollow\">Here you can find documentation about it.
Thank you in advance.
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Hi Damon,
so I have learned from my other plugin why this is wrong. The updated version will come soon, than we can go forward with translation


Its successfully imported and can be translated ?


Hello =)
I Live in Brazil and i really liked your plugin so i made a PT-BR Translation of it:

Damon H.

      Hello ?
      I Live in Brazil and i really liked your plugin so i made a PT-BR Translation of it:
\" rel=\"external nofollow\">

Hi Gabriel,
You should use our WordPress translation platform to add your translation. After the strings were approved they will automatically published and updated in WordPress admin dashboard.\" rel=\"external nofollow\">
If you\'re interested in joining translation team, you can take a look at\" rel=\"external nofollow\">

all your base are belong to us / Discord