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  1. Fast fertig. Scripte an die neuse phpBB angepasst sieht schon mal gut aus
  2. As written in the support ticket, sometimes the tables where not generated by the Wordpress function. At this time we don't know when and why this happens, it's not a bug we can reproduce on our installations, and it's not directly dedicated to our plugin. For everyone. if this happens, import this with phpmyadmin. Change mJFEf7_ to the table prefix of your WP installation in the script! mJFEf7_pwhois_tld.sql
  3. Do you have an Idea if the .gr registry provides a publis whois server?
  4. Das Hauptproblem ist zum Bsp. wenn eine Seite über https läuft, dann kann man man im iframe kein http einbetten.
  5. A123 - 01.12.2019 DB Update 11423
  6. Powie

    Release Info

    2019-12-01 - 0.9.10 Target SDK set to 28
  7. Naja, deaktivieren will ich ihn ja nicht. Ich brauche nur das Symbol nicht in der Taskleiste. Wie es aussieht scheint aber mit dem letzten kumulativen Windows Udpate das weg zu sein. Auf einen alten Notbeook noch ohne Update ist es noch so.
  8. I112 - 09.07.2019 - B4i580 - IG Button
  9. A121 - 09.07.2019 - AndroidX SDK
  10. Its successfully imported and can be translated 🖖
  11. Hi Damon, so I have learned from my other plugin why this is wrong. The updated version will come soon, than we can go forward with translation
  12. Hi Yordan, great work..... I have it included in the SVN 🖖 Please send me an Email to te@powie.de, you are eligible for the free pro version
  13. Hi Damon, you mean, translation via wordpress.org?
  14. Hi Yordan, got also your info via wordpress.org. I will review this and change the text domain also. Please give me some time, I'm back from vacation today. I will reply tp you soon.
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