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  1. Powie

    Release Info

    2019-01-31 - 0.9.7 - API vis SSL
  2. Powie

    WebApp Changelog

    Version 1.0.1 WebApp jetzt immer mit https
  3. Powie

    pLinks Changelog

    8.1.2019 - Version 1.0.2 There is no need to query the API Code. Validate your site at pagepeeker.com correctly.
  4. pLinks https://wordpress.org/plugins/plinks/ 7.1.2019 - Version 1.0.1 API Key Support - ermöglicht SSL Nutzung.
  5. Powie

    pWhois Pro ChangeLog

    04.01.2019 - 1.0.3 added ##TLD## Wildcard for Output Generation
  6. Powie

    WooCommerce & Powie´s WHOIS?

    ##TLD## can be used now.
  7. Powie

    WooCommerce & Powie´s WHOIS?

    Don't understand what you mean. You will link with ##DOMAIN## to a Woocommerce product. Maybee it needs more the TLD....
  8. Can you give me the URL to this page if it's activated...... It should be sometinh visible in the source code of the document.
  9. So.. You got right!! I've checked this and it's true that at this time no stylings or any other things will shown with the plugin. It can only display Title and Body at this time.
  10. Hmm...... i think that's not related to the plugin. It should be displayed as configured or made by the WP theme....
  11. Powie

    Not working on mobile

    Ah.... If i look in the browser console on your page I found this! This also lists the whois Javascript. I think this should be solved first. Maybee its because of a caching plugin......
  12. Powie

    Not working on mobile

    This is what happens to me too... This happens if the server cannot use port 53 for WHOIS service on outgoing connections. Do you can use SSH to chek this on the server?
  13. Powie

    Not working on mobile

    Thanks for this info. Will try that with my development devices shortly.