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  1. Mohammed

    Powie Whois

    Hey Powie, I'v just installed your plugin in my website http://darkz0ne.net/whois , if you can include my website in your Wordpress plugin page as a demo that would be great !! and here is few things i want to metion for you to fix : * Can you please add option in the settings to disable the box for choosing the domain TLD ? because there are so many TLDS not included , so with this way everyone can add a custom TLD ! * Add a CSS configuration option so we can edit the plugin css ! Thats all i want to say , i would like to thank you for this amazing plugin Keep it up
  2. Mohammed

    Powie Whois

    Also if you can't remove the TLD box for custom tld selection, if you can add all countries TLD's that would be great ! ex: .us | .ge | .pl