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  1. Hi Powie, When you come back, check the attached file I leave you. I applied the changes I told you and I think works fine: Edited the text domain in every translation functions. Modified the ambiguous strings I ponted in the last message. Generated main .pot file and also the .po file with spanish translation. Enjoy your vacation! powies-whois.zip
  2. Hi Powie, I translated to Spanish the readme files of «Powie's WHOIS» and also the .po file using for the setting page. But this last strings are not listing on WordPress.org repository. I think the reason is the text domain. I verfied the files of the plugin and find the text domain you used: pwhois, but you must to change it to the slug of the plugin: powies-whois. This is the method WordPress uses to autodetect the text domain for plugins and themes. I also wanted to suggest you change some strings for better undestanding: Show on free domain > Show on available domains Show on connected domain > Show on unavailable domains Domain is free > Domain is available Domain is not free > Domain is unavailable pWhois Usage > Powie's WHOIS Usage pWhois Pro > Powie's WHOIS Pro Powies WHOIS Settings > Powie's WHOIS Settings Powies WHOIS Setup > Powie's WHOIS Setup I can fix the strings if you want, just tell me and will be a pleasure to do it.
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