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Powie Whois

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Hey Powie, I'v just installed your plugin in my website :)http://darkz0ne.net/whois , if you can include my website in

your Wordpress plugin page as a demo that would be great !!

and here is few things i want to metion for you to fix :

* Can you please add option in the settings to disable the box for choosing the domain TLD ? because

there are so many TLDS not included , so with this way everyone can add a custom TLD :D !

* Add a CSS configuration option :D so we can edit the plugin css 8-) !

Thats all i want to say , i would like to thank you for this amazing plugin :D Keep it up

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Thanks for your feedback.

I'am dealing with some possible options for the plugin to make the handling of the available TLDs more flexibel. But its not so easy to simple add a TLD like .us or .pl. Also I have to know the right whois server...

Example: http://www.domaininformation.de/whois-server_liste.html

It would be nice to have the list editable by users and have the option to enable and disable TLDs as needed.

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Hi, I love the plugin but i can't use it because it does not work for some tld's.

For instance. It does not retrieve information for ".es" domains.

I would love to have a shorter list customly defined.






Will it be possible?

If you need help getting this plugin translated to spanish, just tell me.

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In some cases it's not so easy to add a new whois server for a TLD. Also the response from the whois servers isn't clear enough to get the registration status.....

I can add and test special TLDs to the Plugin on request.

Maybee we can control all TLDS in the backend in on eof the next version. Had some Ideas that I have to check.

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