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plesk_mailcert Changelog


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Copys Plesk LetsEncrypt CERT to Mailservers and Webmin Script Version: 1.05

The script MAILCERT is used if you secured your plesk server also with an LetsEncrypt certificate, Example: server.mydomain.tld

WARNING! This is experimental and only tested on Debian Systems at this time. Make sure you have backed up your PEM files before usage


Plesk 12.5








Install the LetsEncrypt Plesk Extension: https://github.com/plesk/letsencrypt-plesk

Add a webspace with your plesk hostname and secure it with as LetsEncrypt certificate

Edit MAILCERT script and set the hostname to server.mydomain.tld

Run it manually or set up a monthly cron job

Remarks: The MAILCERT Script try's to get the actual PEM File from the vhost. This file is changed after each renewal of the LetsEncrypt certificate. If the file exists, it will be copied to the known default pem file of the services. At this time:

Dovecot: /etc/dovecot/private/ssl-cert-and-key.pem

Postfix: /etc/postfix/postfix_default.pem

Courier IMAP: /usr/share/imapd.pem

Courier POP3: /usr/share/pop3d.pem

Webmin: /etc/webmin/miniserv.pem

QMail: /var/qmail/control/servercert.pem

If you have any questions or will get support please contact us at https://forum.powie.de

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