Need a few tlds for South Africa added

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Need a few tlds for South Africa added

Beitrag von aubrey » 26. November 2015, 02:30

Hi Powie
I have had a look a the WhoIs demo1 and 2 plugin for WordPress. I would like to use this for my WordPress website and add the domain names below. The ZA central registry provides the following names:

The above domains are handled by ZACR (ZA Central Registry - South Africa)

Finally I need to have a button or link as in your script to allow the
client to order the domain and shop for other hosting products.

Will you be able to modify the plugin for me. I will be able to access the technical information for you.
You can send the costs to my mailbox.
Great plugin.

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Re: Need a few tlds for South Africa added

Beitrag von Powie » 21. Dezember 2015, 15:08

We have an new version of the plugin available. If you are interested in testing this version, where you can define new TLDs by yourself, plese contact me!
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